My name is Nico and i am the OBJ player for team Arctic Impulse. We are a competitive Call of Duty team striving to be #1. To become the best, you have to have the best equipment. That means best controller, best headset, best monitor, and now the best aiming device thanks to Reti-Kill. Whether you are new to gaming or a veteran, Reti-Kill will dramatically improve your aim on all first person shooter games. - Ai Fearz

My name is Chayne Clouds. I'm the founder of the radio station #GeekStreetSociety and I am a huge fan and supporter of Reti-Kill. It has improved my first person shooter experience greatly. Being an ok gamer without it, I admit that Reti-Kill has improved my aiming, strafing, and overall enjoyment of games like Call of Duty and Halo while boosting my K/D ratio signifigantly. Keep pushing! Reti-Kill has a believer in me! - ChayneCloudsGSS

Hands down a game changer. Finally a gaming accessory that does what it promises. - Money Jayy, Michigan eSports

Reti-Kill opens up a new level of gaming while using the product and it's lasting effects post use.  Yes it's fun having the upperhand with no scoping and getting your shots off first, but also lining up your shots behind walls with full length crosshairs burns into your brain strategic points that last into competitive play.  I'm Surprisehaymaker, I play Contract Wars, and I use Reti-Kill! -Surprisehaymaker

I have been playing Halo for years. My K/D has always been about 1 and my kills/game was about 13. After playing about 700 games with Reti-Kill, my K/D was 1.5, and my kills/game went up to 14! That is a 50% improvement in my K/D!!!!!!  Reti-Kill gives me more control over my gun skill than special glasses or special controllers ever will, and they can cost hundreds of dollars!  Best bang for your buck out there. - MountWeener (nice name!) 

"Reti-Kill had increased my average kills per game from 11 to 18 playing Halo 4. The reticle never moves and is a beast when sniping!"- LORD CH4OS

It definitely helps me with my aiming. I have horrible aim without it, and having the thick crosshairs there just helps me out quite a bit.  My friend likes it because it helps him identify where he needs to aim, like say in a window or a head glitching spot. - WildXpress

"I really like it. Cross hairs are always there for when aiming it on point".- Extreme_Mood

Brilliant! No more spray n' pray! - DashinJ

"How does a competitive player get better? I asked myself that and I thought GUN SKILL? I saw an immediate improvement with my gun skill after using Reti-Kill. What can it do for you casual gamers?"- Ai_Frosty, 2014 SuperCon Series CoD FFA and 2v2 2nd place finish.

"Reti-Kill helped my K/D ratio, 10-fold! I used the HipShotDot with no success. I'm sticking with Reti-Kill!"- Treceuno

Great product. I play CoD, and I got a headshot across the map with my pistol for the win!  Not only is my aim much better, but my wife is now getting into it because the Reti-Kill makes it so she can play without getting dizzzy! Simple, but brilliant!!! - TargetJitter

"Hey!Reti-Kill is awesome! I love it. Not only is my accuracy on point I'm leveling up like crazy haha! Thanks"- Petite_CUTIE, SuperCon Series CoD FFA Champ